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Support Team February 23, 2010 Announcements

Start by looking through the Knowledge Base to see if an answer to your question is there - the Simulation Player Guide is also a great resource.  If you find a solution there, great!  If you don't, then either email your request to or submit your request online here at

In order to help us serve you faster, please give us as much information as you can about your issue in your first email.  This saves us coming back to you to ask you more questions.

Information to include when contacting support:

  • Your name, course and section if applicable.
  • If having problems with a group code or other coupon code, provide both codes you are trying to use and explain how you are trying to use them and the problem.
  • If having problems with logging in, provide information on your operating system, browser (including version), version of Flash player, your Internet connection type, and if you have enabled cookies.


Support Team February 18, 2012 Solutions

When you select the save and close button in the simulation it saves where you are and closes the simulation for you to return at a later time to the same screen.  Please note that it does not save any answers that you have not submitted on the current screen i.e. any text answers on that screen will be lost.

If you have entered text answers that are not complete you should copy and paste them into a Word document before you close the simulation.  You can then copy and paste them back into the simulation when you return.  As noted in the Simulation Player Guide and Tips section of the Knowledge Base we recommend formulating your answers in Word and then copying and pasting them into the simulation.

Support Team February 23, 2010 Tips & Tricks

You can download a copy of the latest Simulation Player Guide here.