Problem Registering

If you are having trouble registering and you have entered all the mandatory fields please confirm you have checked the following:
* Confirm you have filled out all the fields.

* Confirm you have enabled cookies (see below).

* Confirm you have enabled javascript (see below).

* Confirm your system requirements meet our system requirements - see

* Confirm that your computer language is set to English (see below). 

If you have done all of the above please let us know your operating system, the browser including version number you are using, type of Internet connection, the default language on your computer and if you were able to try the "free demo" from our home page.  Any screenshots you can provide will also help us.  Also please let us know what group code you are trying to activate.

If you are able to run the free demo and are only experiencing an issue with your registration, you may be able to register on another computer and then complete the simulation on your computer - this maybe faster than changing the settings on your computer once we are able to troubleshoot your issue.


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