How do I generate my student report?

After you have completed your simulation you will be emailed your student report.  If for some reason you haven't received your report, check first to make sure you have completed the simulation to the last screen, including the debrief if it is turned on. 

Another way for you to get your report is to go to the reports tab on the left and select your group name and the simulation you wish to run a report for.  If you generate it in Excel it will give you all the data from your decisions, including a worksheet called "Debrief" which allows you to see a copy of all your answers.  The PDF report will show graphs that help you to see how your group answered various questions within the simulation.

Note that while your answers will remain the same in the report, the report will vary as more students complete the simulation.  So if you are the first to complete the simulation, you might like to come back and generate the report again closer to when your class meets for a debrief.  This will let you see your answers in comparison to the group - you will not be able to see the names of any of the other members of your group.


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