Unexpected error message or simulation closing

Loss of your Internet connection will result in an error being displayed on your screen.  You will not lose any of the decisions you have made from previous screens, but you will need to launch the simulation again.

If your current screen has not loaded, you will get an “unexpected error message”.  Before contacting support, try to launch again from your home page, after checking your Internet connection.

This error message will also occur if you close your "Home Page" where you launched the simulation.  Both your simulation screen and your home page must be open for you to remain logged in.


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    Support Team

    If you are still experiencing an issue after trying to relaunch please clear your history and try again.  If it still does not work, contact support withdetails of your issue.

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    Support Team

    If you are trying to launch the simulation and you are getting this error message after the system check, please confirm your simulation access start date.  You can do this by holding your mouse over the simulation icon from your home screen.  If you have registered before your access time starts you will not be able to access the simulation until the start time.

    NOTE: all times are displayed in US eastern time zone.  The deadlines are set in your local time zone as per your professors instructions, it is only the time display that is in US time.

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